Seven Steps to Global Success

Seven Steps (modules) to Global Success

       Step 1
       Discover your Deepest Passion-Find Your Life's Purpose

       Step 2      
       Writing Style-Expressing Yourself to the World
       Ezine Expert Author

       Step 3     
       Social & New Media-Socializing Skills for Social Media
       a) The Basics and the Etiquette
       b) All about your CV and Linkedin Profile
       My Linkedin Profile
        (connections in 100 plus countries)
       c) A-Z of Blogging
       d) Building & maintaining relationships on social media
       (Using Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and Youtube to build your brand)

       e) Advanced Personal Branding Tools
       (Ebook, Personal Portal, E-newsletters and Media Relations)

       f) Collaboration and Revenue generation with Online tools

       Step 4
       Soft (and Life Skills) Coaching-The Softer Side

       Step 5
       Self Mastery-The Tough Job Made Easy
       a) Tapping the Power of Sub-conscious Mind
           Noisy to Silent Mind-How to Tap the Sub-conscious?
           How I regained my Lost Creativity?
        b) Emotion Management

       c) Connecting with Self for Peak Performance

       Step 6
       7Q Model of Holistic Living-Finding Balance and Happiness
         7 Q Model

       Step 7
      Evolve & grow-Change According to Times
      Holistic Branding Framework for Global Success

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