Stop the Job Hunt and Let the Job Hunt You

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Look for a Job (And Just Learn Linkedin)

The times of job searching have gone. Its the employees' market and not the employers' market. Here are 10 reasons why you should not look for a job and employer should be chasing you.
  1. Build an impressive profile-Your Linkedin profile should have the pull power and should raise the eyebrows of the potential employers. Take the help of a consultant to build a catchy and impressive profile. Remember the Linkedin profile is much more complicated than a CV and higher the management level, higher the expectations of potential employer from your profile.
  2. Market rules have changed-Competent employees do not look for a job, it’s the other way round. Employers search for competent employees. If you are looking for a job, it only means there is not enough pull in your personal brand. Also, when employer sees your Linkedin profile and calls for an interview, you have better chances of negotiating a good salary. After all they need you more than you need them.
  3. Demonstrate your expertise-Demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and accomplishments by being present and discussing relevant topics on Linkedin groups. It goes without saying that knowledge is power in today’s economy.
  4. Monitor who is viewing your profile-Keep monitoring who is viewing your profile and send an invitation to connect with wisely chosen words to the right people. Once they are connected, they can keep watching your updates and develop a good impression about you.
  5. Get good recommendations-The days of the references section in CV are gone. Now good employers prefer to view your Linkedin recommendations. Remember, the quality and quantity of recommendations both are important.
  6. Link your account with Twitter-Link your LinkedIn account with Twitter and keep posting updates which demonstrate your achievements and knowledge.
  7. Utilize all features of Linkedin Profile-Load a slideshare presentation (which demonstrates your expertise), update your reading list and mention your relevant honors and awards. Employers only tend to be interested in relevant hobbies and relevant awards. Mention the events you have attended (or organised) and create a blog if you have creative inclinations. Blog is the best way to build your brand.
  8. Politics cannot hold back competency anymore-Workplace politics and insecurities of incompetent bosses cannot stop you from getting that dream job. Internet is creating a transparent world and your future super bosses can notice your accomplishments in the digital world especially on LinkedIn.
  9. Connect with the right people-Connect with the right people in your industry or industries of interest (if you want to shift to a different industry). Focus on building relationships, rather than immediately asking for favours. 
  10. Create your own Linkedin Group-If you have expertise in a niche area, create your own group on Linkedin and keep sharing knowledge. Remember knowledge only increases by sharing. Interact with people from other countries and learn the best practices in the western world.
Remember the world has Shrinked and now you are Linked(In).

Act pricey and let the employers run after you. As far as naukri, monster and all those job portal profiles are concerned, you can now safely forget the password.


Dr Amit Nagpal is a Mega Success Coach & Personal Branding Consultant based in New Delhi, India. His group on LinkedIn has members from more than 40 countries.

Dr Nagpal has 2800 plus contacts on Linkedin from more than 80 countries including CEOs, international authors, life coaches and management consultants. He gets 2-3 Linkedin invites everyday. To know more about Dr Nagpal, visit

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