Mentoring can happen on Facebook too

Here is an interaction I had with a student of mine on Facebook and it made me realize mentoring can happen on Facebook too.

Student :-Being alone for sometime makes you realize your actual self.... Its a nice feeling!!!
Me:- Introspection once in a while is good as long as u don’t do paralysis of analysis. Life is like a modern painting. If you try to understand it you can’t appreciate it
Student:- now this is something which i really appreciate about can just make any statement look positive :)

Student... :( :) :( :) :( :) ------- kabhi khushi kabhi gam... ;) (sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness)
Me:-shuruat gham se kyon, khushi se kyon nahin (why begin with sadness, why not with happiness)
I see a little girl in your face .......suppressed by a woman in your mind.
Student:-u caught me again red handed..... :)

Student:-at the end it's all about facts & it anything...relationship, business, self-assessment...anything!!!
Me:- seems true at some point of life. But there is life beyond. Relationship with space for each other, business with a sense of duty, self assessment with a sense of forgiveness
Student:-;) how come you always come up with something disturbing to mind... something questioning....I wonder.
Me:-we go through several stages in life and at a particular stage what seems correct is proved false later when we mature
Student:-very very true..i am glad that i understood to an extent what you wanted to say...

Student:-Expecting a lot from self...
Me:-expecting from self is the only expectation that does not give pain. Go ahead and do it
Student:-very true. In fact it gives you a sense of confidence & strength to achieve your dreams....

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