How Students Teach You?

A friend of mine rightly remarked, "A teacher is one who is eternally a student, when he is not, the student becomes the teacher." I had recently put this on Facebook and my students have sent interesting comments.

"When I thought I had found all the answers, life posed another question"

I got very unexpected responses from my students. Here are some of them.

Shikha Aggarwal
Sir life is full of questions..and mind is full of them

Varun Dhanda
Life doesn't ask questions. It answers them :))

Mohit Ahuja
One small philosophy of my own... "U are the answer to all your questions!”

Dheera Likhi
When there will be no questions left to be chased then don't u think life will be little monotonous and pointless rather lifeless.

Nicole Gomes
Life keeps testing people!

I must say, students are maturing early these days.


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